Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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David Walker and Ann Vukojevich led a group of 13 volunteers commencing from the County Road carpark around 8.30am and returning around 3.15pm. Total man hours worked was 78 hours and distance walked during the day was 14.6 km. The party stopped for lunch at 12.30pm and reached the South West extremity of the track 1.15pm before turning back.

Maintenance was completed along the entire length of the track. This included:
Clearing wind falls. Smaller trees and plants had fallen onto the track in about 6 places.
Clearing gorse. Gorse was not a continuous problem but small patches of gorse existed alongside or hanging over the track. These were either clipped or in the case of large plants were sawn through. This was the largest part of our work, keeping the full party busy for much of the morning.
Forming drainage channels to divert water from running down the track, to instead be drained over the side. Eleven of such drains were created and these were successful in diverting the water away from the track. We were fortunate to be on the track the day after the end of a major rain storm so that much water was still flowing and the water flow issues were easy to detect.

We noticed that some of the DOC signs had deteriorated with words of distances missing. The sign at the start of the Karangahake Summit track (about 1km from the car park) needs a touch up or replacement.

Many stayed at Nelsonís beach house on Friday and Saturday nights at Waihi Beach. The group was very thankful for cooking organised by Jill Walker and Tina Chen.    
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