Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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A number were able to travel early and arrive for dinner at the Whangateau Camp.  Comfy cabin accommodation and on-site caravans were booked for the group accommodation.


Although overcast and cloudy, it didn’t rain, enabling two groups to enjoy different tramps.  

Mt Tamahunga: A group of 8, led by Phillip Norton, ascended the mountain from the Omaha Valley Road Carpark, and returned the same way.

Eight of us arrived at the empty carpark on Omaha Valley Road early Saturday morning. The sun was not shining but there was no rain in sight. At nine thirty we started along the track through a private farm. After climbing a few styles and a hill, we came to the bush line. Here there was a large DoC information panel talking about their conservation efforts in this area. It particularly related to the eradication of stoats.

On the way up we were passed by a number of people. Many small information panels were beside the track, which was in reasonably good condition. Only a few muddy patches were encountered. The bush was very dense so we didn’t get many views but it did shield us from the cold wind. After one and three quarter hours, we reached the summit.

Due to some bush being cleared around the site of the old trig, we were able to get a good view down to the campground, Omaha and Pt Wells. We sat on the helicopter pad and had an early lunch and chatted for about an hour. As it was getting cold we decided to head back.

On the way down we were again passed by people either going up or down. After a leisurely jaunt, we arrived back at the carpark to find it  was now half full with vehicles. Soon we were on our way back to the campground for a cuppa and a hot shower.

Tawharanui: A group of 16, led by Linda Piggott and Jocelyn Brodie, explored the Tawharanui Peninsula. Thanks to the tireless work of the ranger and many volunteers who have created a predator free park, the group were rewarded with sightings of many different bird species - Saddlebacks, Whiteheads, Bellbirds, Tuis, Pigeons, Fantails, Brown Quail, Brown Ducks. It felt exhilarating watching the wind driven waves crashing on the rocks and with the wide sea views the group could identify the many islands of the gulf. It was a great day.

Phil Norton led an interesting devotions on Challenging ourselves.  All about being prepared to step out of our comfort zone, venturing with God’s direction and learning to trust in God’s unfailing love.


Following a very windy night, the day dawned with torrential rain which continued all morning and flooded the camp, leaving Phil and Ali marooned in their on-site caravan.  High tide close by provided watery views in almost every direction!  The warm lounge was the place for various games, knitting and reading. For lunch some chose refuge at the Sawmill Café!!

One group ventured to Leigh for a takeaway lunch, and once the sun came out, did the Leigh Harbour walk and explored the area.  

In the evening Ian Marshall shared devotions on the importance of ‘Being’.  Being who we are, in the right place to support others, serve, encourage or whatever God leads us.


Heavy rain again – not fit for the Ti Point walk planned!  Also the Matakana Boat trip was not possible with a flooded raging river! Some left early for Auckland. Others met with the ukelele musicians Jade River Ukes (who had been booked to play on the boat – Barbara’s sister Dianne Morgan and Cath Koa) for a great sing-a-long in the Matakana Music Room.

Basic Cabins were charged at $65 for first two and additional $35pp. (off peak rates)
Individual cost: $82.00 (for 3 nights)
Food: $10.00 (Thanks to May Bourke for excellent planning, budgeting and purchases)
Equipment Levy: $1 pp (Only First Aid and one PLB carried with us).
Petrol: $18 from Bracken Ave.  
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