Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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25 people showed up on a fine cloudless afternoon. After the intro, karakia and a brief introduction about the wattle trees and acacia wood from leader Bruce Eaddy, we set out at 2:30pm from the Wattle Farm Wetland Reserve, walking through Tington Park to come to the Wattle Downs coastal walkway. We followed this path westwards, with extensive views of the Pahurehure Inlet and the farmland beyond. After about an hourís walking we stopped for a break at St Annes Foreshore.
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From there we continued on, cutting across to follow the north coast of the peninsula. We finished off with a walk around the Wattle Farm Reserve ponds, getting back to the carpark at 4:55pm.              
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Distance 7.9km, maximum speed 6.5km/h, average speed 3.6km/h.
COST: travel from The Bracken $5.