Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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We met at Ambury Regional Park in Mangere.  Tina introduced ABTC, as most of the trampers were not club members.  The brief introduction was based on the Starter Leaflet where itís about the members, the purpose, the trips, etc.  Tina added the information of the track maintenance started in 2015 in Hunua Ranges.

Tina then introduced the track. It is 7km, starting from Ambury Regional Park (Ambury) and ending in Otuataua Stonefield Historic Reserve (Stonefield).  Itís part of the New Zealandís largest marine restoration project, started in the mid-1990s and finished in 2004.  Along the track, there are more than 270,000 native tress, providing food and shelter for a diverse range of birdlife, including sandpipers, godwits and other migratory birds.

The trampers were divided into two groups.  One was led by Jocelyn, starting from Ambury, the other by Tina, starting from Stonefield.  The two groups met somewhere in the middle of the track and took a break.  Jocelyn shared devotions from The Word of the Day.  The title was "Let God be your God".  She said, when we were concerned about our issues but couldnít do anything, we should trust our God that He would do it for us.

The track is wide and flat, easy to walk.  There are 20 trampers, including adults and children.  With almost no tree shadow along the track, the trampers felt very hot.  Luckily they met birds that were resting on the Bird Roosts.  Thousands of birds flew low and high from time to time.  When they were high on the sky, it looked like someone throwing a big handful of black sesames on the blanket of the blue sky and white cloud!
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