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10 members had a lovely day exploring the Waiuku Forest on a glorious cloudless day. Four of us left The Bracken at 8am to meet up with the others at a reserve overlooking the pond in Waiuku. From there we went on to the main carpark in Waiuku Forest. As we set off on our walk at 9:50am a horse riding event was taking place, and the road was full of horse trucks. We went along the road near the southwest edge of the forest, and in one place we went on to a track following alongside the road. Some horse riders came along, so we took a shortcut through to the road, and we carried on till we arrived at a view point overlooking the Waikato Heads and the Tasman Sea.
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After our morning tea break we returned along the road to the carpark, then went along a track through the pine forest to our lunch spot on a couple of fallen logs. Barbara began our devotions by inviting each of us to say something that we can be thankful for today. Responses included the perfect weather, getting out into the country having had enough of local neighbourhood walks, a nice friendly group, not being bombarded with covid virus news, and life having a purpose. Barbara read Psalm 92 a poem about praise to God, the wicked will be destroyed, the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, known for its long life. As Christians we can stand tall and live long. Those who place their faith firmly in God can have strength and vitality.
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We carried on along the track as it followed the banks of the Waikato River, then we turned inland and eventually climbed to a ridge in the forest. From there we followed the forestry road down to come out at the carpark at 1:30pm.
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Back in our cars we went for a drive around the countryside with views down to the Waikato River, and we stopped at Otaua Primary School. Jocelyn showed us around the school, with its classrooms, playground, sports fields, swimming pool and garden house. Afterwards we went on to Froggies Fruit and Veg for our icecream stop before heading back home.
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COST: travel from The Bracken $13