Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Group 1  

Saturday A group of 15 trampers did the easier, well graded 3.5-4 hour route to Waitawheta Hut from Franklin Rd passing through farmland, following along the river, passing a waterfall tucked away in a gap above the track and only one river crossing by three of us, and the high water track by the others. Great to have sunshine on Saturday, and a bit of rain on the second day was a nice variation to the landscape.  Large bags of gravel and bark were scattered along the track, ready for the DOC workers, having been dropped by the helicopter in the last few days. We stopped for lunch by the last bridge, and there was plenty of river bank, with lower than usual water levels. We reached the hut before 2pm. Ranger Alasdair Nicoll was there, ensuring the DOC workers cleaned up the hut properly before they left, and before we could move in.

Four of our group camped in Zeus tents, and we had 2 cooking groups. The hut was a busy place with members of the Catholic Tramping Club also staying, and with members tenting too.

Sunday Before the two groups departed, Warren led us in devotions about our responsibility to be salt and light in the world – we have the task of Infiltration, or spreading the fragrance of Christ where ever we go. After Group 2 had left, we did the final hut check, then 16 of us walked out to Franklin Rd. We were in light rain most of the way. Just one snack stop in the damp. We enjoyed an easy gentle downhill gradient.  We were back at the carpark by 11.30am.

Group 2

Saturday The group of eight set out from Woodland carpark at 11am. It was a total 16 km to Waitawheta hut by passing 21 streams total. At the first stream, it was deep enough to get water into the boots. So heavy wet boots all the way for 6 hours.  Slippery mossy river stones, bending down to pass under fallen trees and climbing up steep slopes pulled other team members made for a challenging walk. One member went alone missing from our team at the key junction. but he came back with Murray to search for us after he arrived one hour. David Moore was our team leader who decided to send two groups each group with 2 people to search for him in two branch tracks. In 10 min, they came back without him. We convinced David that he just walked fast before us. He would not be lost because was an experienced tramper. David gave us a good lesson, we appreciate David ‘s leadership! He had reached the hut much earlier than us!

Sunday. The rain didn’t stop all night. We set off at 8am. David required us to walk together all the 8 people. We walked faster because this direction, the streams were shallow so we could keep our boots dry if we were careful. But all the people couldn’t survive wet boots The last 3 bigger and deeper streams, after the rain and we couldn’t keep our boots dry!
We finished at 1pm to our car park.  

Hut ticket $15/ Tenting $5.00pp.
Food $9.50
Equipment Levy $2.50
Transport $25.00

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