Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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This weekend was our first overnight tramp staying in Waitawheta hut during level 1 of the covid19. There were 6 of us led by Simon Marshall and Kim Jones. We travelled in twocars to Franklin's carpark, and started walking at 11 am with several stops on the way to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and river. We reached the hut just before 3 pm, having stayed in a group and each took turns to lead. Initially we thought we had the whole hut to ourselves but steadily different groups of people arrived. There were 14 people in the 26 beds hut on Saturday night. We were impressed by a family who brought their 5 and 13 years-old children for their first overnight experience.

The relatively easy flat track with stunning Waitawheta Gorge provided us with plenty of opportunities to catch up with one another. We also enjoyed going across the few swing bridges admiring the rocks,  gushing water and pausing for photos.  A rare shot as Christine Marshall commented to have her husband (Ian), brother (Bruce) and son (Simon) on the same tramp.

We had our usual tea/cookies and pre dinner soup before having curried sausages with mashed potatoes for mains. Dessert was custard with almond fingers. We played a game of Farkle (a dice throwing game) followed by devotions and sharing of testimonies. All of us felt so blessed to have the time away/retreat and was renewed by the fresh air, marvellous walk and great company. Most of us had a good sleep as the hut was very cosy with the fireplace going.

On Sunday we had delicious porridge cooked by Ian and Simon and then set off after 9am. We arrived at the carpark at 12.15 and drove to Waikino cafe to reward ourselves with coffees and lunch (home made soups, pies and slices). What a fantastic way to finish.

We would definitely recommend this amazing track with views of farmland (lots of cows), bush, Kauri trees; crossing rivers on swing bridges, waterfalls, valleys and tram lines. We didn't mind the occasional rain at all. Next time we will go and see the glow worms near the hut.
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