Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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There were 26 people (22 adults and 4 children) on the walk. We meet at Towle place. Introduced ourselves before Lucy led us to a lovely picnic spot under the trees. We had our lunch there.

Kim shared devotions - a page taken from our Daily Bread about "phone zone". She continued with her personal experience about how she felt helpless without her phone and wouldn't it be wonderful if the Bible is like our mobile phone. We can listen to God's words and talk to Him and we can't bare to be without His word? Kim prayed and led the walk.

We continued on our track; stopped by pond and had another stop by the toilet. While waiting some children played on the skate ramp. We crossed Abbotts road, walked across Liston Park to Michael's Ave reserve. What a sight to see all the beautiful birds of all shapes and sizes. Stopping by the pond gave us an opportunity to see pukekos, ducks, pigeons, etc before heading back to our cars.
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