Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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A group of 21 people met at Goldfinch Rise at Unsworth Heights. Our original intention was to do a loop walk, but when the leaders reccied the route a week before they found that some of the tracks had been closed due to slips etc. There was really no option but to do a same-way-there-and-back trip.`

We set out about 2pm walking through Unsworth Reserve with its stormwater ponds, and followed the Alexandra Stream to cross Barbados Drive. Then on through Omega Reserve and through a tunnel under the Upper Harbour Highway to come to the sports grounds of Rosedale Park for our afternoon tea break.

Gathering in the shade of a tree we had our devotions from Lucy. In the Covid lockdowns last year many things didnít go as planned. We need to listen to God who is on control of everything. Lucy was grateful for her busy days as an essential worker, and grateful for the results she produced. She read the passage from Ecclesiastes 3 about a time and a season for everything, seeing the patterns that God lays on the human race. In these difficult times we are to be grateful for grace, reminded that God is always in control. He has the best for all of us, He is good and faithful, and is always here.
We retraced our footsteps back to the start point, finishing about 4pm. Distance 4.9km.

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