Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Base map extracted from NZ TopoOnline June 2007. Crown Copyright Reserved


After staying Friday night at the Tongaririo Holiday Park along with the day walkers, Alastair drove the 9 pack carriers to the Whakapapa Visitor Centre where we checked out the weather forecast and bought our Great Walk tickets, on the basis of an improving forecast.  In steady rain we headed out on the track for Waihohonu hut.

It was an easy gradient as we passed Taranaki Falls, unable to be viewed through the rain, and on through the gradually rising terrain toward the Tama Lakes Junction. About 1 ˝ hours out Joy decided it was better for her to turn back to join the day walkers and cellphone communication effectively arranged for a meeting with Gary back at the Whakapapa Centre.

The varied colours of the alpine flora and fauna were an encouragement as we pursued the undulating track across the volcanic plateau towards the hut. The sign to the Historic old Waihohonu hut was an indication we were nearly there. Linda took a look, and with a scream, announced her shock, as she looked into and empty hut!  Descending through a foresty grove and over the bridge led to the hut, where we were glad to shed the wet regalia for dry. (5hrs )

A relaxing time and enjoyable chat with other trampers in the hut, as well as an amusing game of 500 filled the evening hours. Once in the sleeping bags in our own room, Helena shared a Devotions on God’s love, likened to a mother’s love of her newborn such as she has seen first hand with her daughter’s new baby. God really loves us that much and more!

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Delighted trampers woke to see a clear view of Mt Ruapehu from the hut verandah! Firstly, early morning pinkish colours, changing to a blue backdrop as we gathered to pray and set off on our ascent behind the hut.  Soon Ngauruahoe came into view as well and ABTC trampers voices could be heard ringing out Our God is an Awesome God as we paused to view the scenic vista stretching out around us. On the rise, after our first 100m climb we paused again to appreciate the view and sang How Great Thou Art. Barbara sent a farewell text from us all to Nelson who was setting off on his world trip. With cool crisp air and snowy views we followed the rocky and undulating track to Oturere Hut for lunch, (3 Hrs) on through the sandy ‘moonscape’ territory to the steep ascent to Emerald lake. (another 2 hrs) The tiny snowflakes swirled about us, and cloud came in, as we ascended the highest ridge to 1700m for a view of Blue Lake.
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Descending to Ketatahi Hut, (14500m) we had the views of Lake Rotoaira in the distance. We arrived in time to occupy the one room in which all 8 of us lodged for the night.   A cosy venue for Linda to share her Devotions about Peace.
Pray  and have Patience – James 1.4
Everywhere – Psalm 147.14
Ask – John 16.14
Christ – Ephesians 3.14
Everyone – John 18.37


Monday morning there was ice on the deck and steps as we descended to the end of the track (2hrs) and we were met by Alasdair with our hired van. Some visited the Tokaanu Hot pools on the way back to Auckland.
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