Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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There were now two groups, making up 12 of us - all being together at the huts each night. The hut bookings were made the previous September but the Oturere Hut had already been fully booked, so that is why we stayed 2 nights at Waihohunu Hut. This meant the third day had an extra 3 hours walking, and because of this 4 of our people changed to an easier Group B. The weather was generally fine but with cloud at times, windy on Saturday with rain in the afternoon. Temperatures ranged from perhaps 15C to freezing at night. Because of the long hot summer there was no snow visible on the mountains.


We left The Bracken at 6:15am to travel to the Chateau (6.5 hours via Taumarunui incl breakfast and stops). At 1pm we started our walk: 5 hours to Waihohunu Hut incl 1 hour lunch and stops.

Paul reflected on the Cross: The Cost born by Christ; Emotional/relational impact of the crucifixion; Jesus regarded as Lord above all; Fulfilment of over 300 Old Testament prophecies; All or nothing choice


Based at Waihohunu Hut, we did daywalks. We visited Ohinepango Springs 20 minutes from the hut which appears to flow out of a cave: large quantity of clear waterflow. Also sighted a whio or native blue duck. One group walked 1.5 hours south on the Ruapehu Circuit track and enjoyed lunch overlooking a wide gorge and up to the brown/red peaks of Ruapehu snow was absent. The other group headed north for beautiful views of Ngaruahoe. Afternoon as rain set in we spent quietly in the beautiful spacious hut.


We tramped passed Oturere to Mangatapopo Hut, ascending to Emerald Lakes and red crater of Tomgariro then descended southwest to the hut. Walking time 7.5 hours plus stops 1.5 hours. Our tramp started peacefully at 7am but when we reached the rim of Mt Tongariro thousands were walking the Tongariro Crossing narrow top ridge northward - which was the opposite direction to us. What to do? We avoided them by walking westward across the crater then ascended a spur taking us up to the high part of the ridge near Red Crater. By 2pm the stream of day-walkers had ceased and we were able to easily do the steep descent near Ngaruahoe and continue on down. Group B walked back to Chateau then drove van round to Mangatapopo and walked in to that hut.

Ian reflected on Song of Songs - Following the narrow path, Following the Good Shepherd, Keeping company with His sheep even if you have lost sight of the shepherd.


Group B did a nature walk near the Chateau and Group A walked 3 hours to Chateau (Whakapapa) carpark where we met Group B (11am), then drove back to Auckland arriving by 6pm.

Ruth reflected on the titles: Lord master of the universe; Jesus friend, humble servant; Christ saviour, redeemer, bringer of peace (with God, each other and the environment)

Two 5 minute on-track training slots were included. (a) Clothing for cold conditions: balaclava, gloves (2 layers glove and waterproof mitt). (b) Hazards in the snow, sinking in, different conditions, cold, suddenness of snow storms.

Great Easter and great time sharing with friends amid spectacular unique volcanic scenery. Everyone worked together in an excellent fashion.

COST: $226.34 including can hire, petrol, huts, food, equipment levy
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