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A group of 13 people had a lovely day exploring the Tititiri Matangi Island native bird sanctuary. All but May and John, who got on the ferry departing town at 9am, drove to Gulf Harbour to meet the ferry. On arrival at the island about 10:25am we had a briefing before some of us went on guided walks where we were shown various native birds enjoying an island that had converted from open farm pasture to replanted native bush. Some of the features of these walks included penguin boxes, viewing various birds including a couple of feeding stations, the wide Ridge Road track, and the highest point on the island being Coronary Hill in open grass just before the lighthouse.
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After the walks finished about lunchtime, we were able to explore parts of the island till our ferry took us home at 3:30pm. Three of us went right to the north end of the island, others did some of the other tracks including the open grass area south of the lighthouse. At least one of us had a look inside the kitchen lounge area of the bunkhouse thanks to the one in charge who was there.
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As we boarded the 3:30pm boat home we saw two stingrays in the shallow water below the wharf.