Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Base map extracted from NZ TopoOnline February 2007. Crown Copyright Reserved

A hot sunny afternoon drew a total of 22 people to Tawhitikino Regional Park east of Kawakawa Bay for an easy walk and a lazy afternoon of swimming and siestaing, followed by a barbeque.

Because of the longer travel time involved - about one hour - we met at The Bracken at 1:15pm. We were away from the end of Kawakawa Coast Road about 3pm, beginning with a short stretch of rocky coastline followed by a stretch of beach.

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Then came the grunt - about 150 steps up through bush and about the same number down to a long sandy beach on the other side. We walked to the far end of the beach, a total of about half an hourís walk from the carpark, and made ourselves at home on the beach, the trees shading us from the sun.
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Sonia shared the dayís devotions from The Word For Today  Each one of us is unique to God; He knows us by name and each one of us has a calling and a responsibility.  It is never too late to seek God; He takes us one step at a time, and increases our passion each time if our steps are from Him. This means we need to give our passion our best.
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Even though the tide was right out, some of us enjoyed a swim to cool off from the hot summer sun, with the water up to our heads as if it was high tide. Others just preferred to siesta in the shade.
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At about 4:45pm we set out to return the way we came to the car park to drive to a spot on the foreshore reserve just past the wharf towards the centre of Kawakawa Bay settlement, where Gary and Margaret had set up a barbeque. They were not on the tramp; Gary and Peter had been fishing earlier in the day but they managed to catch only one snapper. We enjoyed a lovely feed of sausages, chicken pieces, raw vegies, bread, biscuits, apples, fruit juice and soft drinks in the early evening sun. Unlike Tawhitikino, Kawakawa Bay is tidal and there was no way we could have another swim.
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It was about 6:30pm when we began to pack up and head home to Auckland having had a lovely afternoon of relaxation and fellowship.

COST: travel $9-50; BBQ $5.