Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Eight members took the opportunity of having a look at Manakapua Island, an island made entirely of sand dunes off the coast of Tapora on the central Kaipara Harbour. We left Aspin Ave in Avondale at 8:15am and going via Kaukapakapa and Wharehine we arrived at the Tapora school and hall at 10:10am for a comfort stop and an opportunity to wander through the hall reserve and school ground. From there we went on to the Okahukura Conservation Area to begin our walk.

We set out at 11am after the usual intros and prayer, going along a 4whd track through farmland to come to the foreshore. From there to the island was a straightforward walk across the sand flats which are uncovered most of the time, and become only ankle deep at high tide. We climbed up to the central ridge of the island, intending to follow it southwards. There was plenty to see - trees and shrubs and plants, interior wetlands, and the dunes. Our intention was to follow the ridge southwards, but we found it became completely blocked by gorse bush and scrub. We also could not find a way out to the western coastline. Instead we came back down to the eastern side, and walked southwards along the flats. There was a strong continual easterly wind, and we were lucky to find a shelter in tiny crop of bush to have our lunch.

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The strong winds caused us to cut short our walk to the south end of the island, and we went on back to our cars along another 4whd track, finishing at 1:30pm.

We decided to have a look at Minniesdale Chapel at Port Albert, but unfortunately we went into an area of no phone reception and were unable to locate it. Instead we ended up at the Port Albert wharf, and after a look around we went on to a nearby cafe.

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Because our lunch spot was rather windy, John gave the devotions over the coffee table. This was about My New Name, based on the Grace Course series. Thanks to Christ's amazing grace we as Christian believers have a whole swag of new names: Beloved, Loved, Treasured, Precious, Delight (God loves and elights in us); Forgiven, Free From Condemnation, Holy, Complete (Christ has born all our sins on the cross); Adopted, Welcomed, Christ's Friend, God's Child (we are adopted into Christ's kingdom and family); God's Work Of Art, Beautiful (each person is a unique and different creation of God); Gifted, Enriched (God gives us all sorts of gifts such as our abilities, skills, leisure interests, good health, our senses); Provided For, Helped (God provided all our needs and helps us); Chosen, Planned, Known (God had us in mind even before He created the world). Taking these names for ourselves will give high self-esteem, happiness, peace, joy, and is a good medicine for physical and mental health.

We went on home, getting back to Avondale at 4:45pm.