Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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On a gloriously sunny Spring afternoon 16 walkers enjoyed exploring the Tahuna Torea nature reserve and the Glendowie Spit. The tide was low, preparing to turn, and the group were able to walk to the very tip of the shelly spit with a close-up view of the Waiheke vehicular ferry as it left the Half Moon Bay marina. Along the way a flock of spoonbills were seen foraging for food.

Before leaving the spit, Barbara Steel shared devotions with us about the comfort and encouragement that we can find in our everyday lives when we offer our burdens to Jesus.
Resuming our walk, we skirted around the slightly muddy eastern shoreline and rejoined the nature trail through the reserve. We enjoyed seeing ducks paddling in the water of the lower dam before climbing to the Godwit Lookout for a view over native bush and across the mouth of the West Tamaki inlet to the Hauraki Gulf. A very enjoyable afternoon was made complete by delicious real fruit ice creams at Roberta Ave Reserve.

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