Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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About 40 people showed up for the Summer Tramps Reunion at Carey Baptist College. This began at 5pm with a mix-and-mingle over drinks, and we sat down for a yummy dinner of lasagnes instead of the usual BBQ meat, plus shared salads, followed by a shared dessert.

We moved into the chapel to enjoy slideshows and reports of the summer tramps to Fiordland. Ali opened with devotions, saying that the only moment we have to enjoy Godís presence is in the now. So often our thoughts are distracted by something that has been, or thinking about something in the future. The best thing you can do is to embrace what God is doing.

We enjoyed excellent slide presentations for each of the summer tramps  - Christine on the Green Lake tramp; Murray on the Humpridge Track; Barbara about the Hope Arm; Jocelyn B on the Back Valley Hut. After a short break Phillip D gave one about his trip to Routeburn Track to Blue Danube Waltz; Ian about his one to Routeburn Track, and we finished with Phillip about the challenging George Sound tramp to some music based on the Leonard Cohen Hallelujah song.

Then came a shock announcement on peopleís phones that Auckland will be slammed almost right away into a 7-day level 3 covid lockdown, cancelling a trip to Harker Reserve next day, stopping us from travelling outside Auckland, and making us do church online at home and have lunch afterwards with sparrows and seagulls instead of our church friends.

The evening finished with notices and presentation about forthcoming tramps including the 2021-22 summer tramps to the west coast of South Island.