Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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30 people enjoyed a lovely walk from Stanmore Bay to Manly. We gathered at the end of Cooper Rd at the western end of Stanmore Bay, and after the usual intros and karakia we set off just after 2:30pm. It took 25 minutes to walk along the beach to the other end of the beach where there was a small cemetery.
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At this point we had our devotions, where leader Marian Kilgour told of someone who found an injured seagull who had got tangled in a fishing line, causing it to hobble.  They slowly went up to the seagull but it flew off frightened with its badly hurt leg. Same with tramping, a tiny stone can land in one's boot. If it isn't removed, it can cause a blister and a limp and ruin the tramp. Sometimes we are like the poor seagull and get entangled in nasty habits,  destructive relationships like the stone in the boot and all sorts of fears. We fly away from those who want to help us, even God who is the only one to get rid of our sin. If we strip off the sin that slows us down, we find the freedom and healing that comes from being reconciled with Him. When we trust in God fully to help us, He will renew our strength and give us joy and energy without tiring, we will soar high like eagles.
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We went on up a hill to Ardern Ave, passed a vintage hot rod, and had a break at a small reserve at Tarihunga Point.
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From there we carried on along Swann Beach Rd and went down to Swann Beach but found the tide was coming in and impossible to follow the beach from there. We went on to Moreton Drive and on down to Manly Beach. As we walked along the beach we came across a man who was letting a long fishing line out using a torpedo, with bait strung on it at intervals. The seagulls thought they were being treated to afternoon tea as the bait travelled out to sea on the line. We finished our walk at the eastern end of Manly Beach at 4:30pm, where cars were waiting to ferry drivers back to their cars at the start point.
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COST: travel from The Bracken $7