Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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17 people enjoyed a walk around part of Shakespear Regional Park. After our intros and prayer we set out at 2:40pm to follow the Tiritiri Track. As we began our first climb we had to get out our raincoats and brollies for a shower to pass over. Fortunately this was the only rain for this trip, and it had gone by the time we reached the eastern clifftops for views across to Tiritiri Matangi Island where we were a couple of months ago. We had a quick stop at the Pink Beach lookout before carrying on a long grunt then skirting the edge of the military reserve to come out at the summit lookout for our break at 4pm.
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Sonia read from The Word For Today about Moses and the staff. In Exodus 4 God told Moses to throw his staff on to the ground. The staff represented his identity, security and protection as he made his living as a shepherd. As Moses threw the staff on the ground it turned into a snake. When God told him to do this, He was asking Moses to let go of who he was and what he had. The challenge is - what are you not willing to let go of? You don't control whatever it is you are holding on to, it controls you. If you have the courage to surrender it to God it can become the lightning rod of His miraculous power. Today let God use what you have.
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We returned to the carpark down the direct Lookout Track route to come out back at our cars by 4:25pm. Not a too long walk but a good workout with some steep climbs and a final steep drop on well defined tracks through open pasture.

COST: travel from The Bracken $12