Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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27 people showed up for the ABTC Summer Tramps Reunion. Covid Red Light restrictions had made some changes to how we would normally hold this event. As we entered our vaccine passes were checked, and we had to scan in to a QR code specially made for this occasion. Instead of the usual mix-and-mingle to begin with, we were seated at our tables to chat over drinks and nibbles. Self-service dinner and dessert were from a table outside the servery to allow social distancing. After the meal we remained at our tables for the presentations, most of us donning facemasks.

Phillip Donnell gave a presentation about the Inland Pack Track that he led on 1-2 Jan, to classical music including Voices Of Spring Waltz for the Ballroom Overhang, Hornpipe from Water Music and Benedictus. After giving a plug for his Footsteps walking tours, he put on a slideshow of the Lake Christabel tramp to Indian music.

Barbara Langridge presented devotions about trees. We all love trees of all sorts of shapes and sizes. The Bible starts and finishes with trees, being signs of God’s provision, from the Garden of Eden to the Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem. Jesus died on a wooden cross which has become for us the Tree of Life. There could be no life on earth without trees, these produce oxygen for us to breathe, and absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out, and they also provide habitats and food for countless animals, and food and medicines for people. In the Garden of Eden were two special trees – Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Cross of Christ is the third tree, lives living in dependence and faith in Jesus Christ who gave His life on this tree so we can be saved. Always put your roots deep into His Word to make us fruitful in our lives.

This was followed by presentations about day walks and pack-carry tramps from Christine, Ian, Tina and Simon, these included Lake Daniells, Reefton daywalks, Reefton overnighter, Doubtful and Nina, and the Paparoa Track. Murray Black presented cards to David Walker, Barbara and Jill Walker for their hard work organising these tramps, plus one for Ruth Ungemuth who wasn’t present.

We had a quiz exercise at our tables about what goes into a Club first aid kit, and Christine won a chocolate bar. Murray presented a proposal for the 2022-23 summer tramps to Kaikoura and Hanmer, with Tina going through the registration form details. The evening finished with general notices including a work weekend in the Kaimai Ranges in two weeks’ time.

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