Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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About 35 people came along to the Summer Tramps Reunion at Carey Baptist College. We began with drinks 'n' nibbles and a yummy potluck BBQ dinner before moving into the next room for the first half of our presentations. Phillip Donnell began with devotions in which he cited three Bible verses that describe God's creation as marvellous, and marvellous means to be surpassing or extraordinary. There is a command to go and tell others about these marvellous things so they can know about God. Phillip showed slides of our group going marvelling, admiring such things as rock formations, flowers and birds.

Phillip took us back to the summer tramps he had led in the Arthurs Pass and Westland. Using slideshows to classical music including On The Trail with its clip-clop sound, we visited the day walks such as Castle Hill, Temple Basin and Point Elizabeth. He asked those participants who were there to stand up and say what their favourite day walk was, and why.

We went back into the dining room for dessert before returning to do the pack-carrying trips, which included Carrington Hut and Lake Minchin. Again Phillip asked those who attended to stand and tell their favourite tramp and the reason for it. Other people showed slides of tramps they did over the holidays, including Phillip and Ali Norton in the Wairarapa, and Beulah Wood who took a group of four along the Waikato River Trails.

Phillip presented poetic asides throughout the whole programme, reciting original poetry about native birds and a few other things. Copies of Phillip’s books, including one containing the poetry, were available for sale.
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