Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Thirty people showed up at the Carey Baptist College for the Summer Tramps Reunion, unlike last year’s reunion there was no mask wearing, or the year before when NZ was suddenly thrown into a level 3 COVID lockdown straight afterwards. Drinks and nibbles were available on arrival, and we sat down to a yummy dinner of chicken and bread rolls covered by a $5 koha, pot-luck salads and pot-luck desserts.

We remained in the dining room for the presentations about the Eastern Escape summer tramps in the Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs areas that many Club members went on in the first half of January. Murray showed slides of the day walks to Mt Fyffe, Kaikoura Trail, Kaikoura Peninsula and Cheviot. Ali took us up to the Mt Fyffe Hut for the overnighter. We went along the two-day Kaikoura Coast Track with Cathie and Ali with its coastal scenery and rather quirky signage. Ian then took us on the 3-day EW Traverse, an inland trek through Lake McRae and Molesworth Station. We did the day walks of Hanmer Springs with Murray including Mt Isobel, Waterfall Track and the hot pools. Ian and Christine took us along the three-day Island Hills Station with the group of 13 enjoying the mountain, farm and bush scenery. Our climax item of the concert was the five-day trek on the St James Walkway with Justin and his group of six enjoying the mountain valley scenery and the different huts.

There were notices about ABTC training events, personal locator beacons, ABTC polo shirts, Easter tramps to Bridge to Nowhere, and the Tasman Trails summer tramps 2023-24.

Murray closed the evening with devotions, sharing three things he really felt connected with on the tramp. The first one was that in the story of creation in Genesis, God separated the water from the land. The Spirit of God that comes and lives with us is the interface between God and His people. The second was the rivers. In the Garden of Eden, there were the rivers that flowed out, and in Revelation, it talks about the river of life. There is a very interesting reference in John's Gospel where Jesus told the woman at the well that he would be able to give you living water that was flowing. Jesus is that living water in the salvation that he offers. The third point was about the mountains. These can be so high and strong and challenging and permanent features there, even though the rock is loose, they are still there. In Luke 4 Jesus was being challenged by the devil, who took him to a high mountain and said "Look, this is all yours if you worship me". Jesus replied "Worship the Lord your God and only serve Him". The ocean and the rivers and the mountains might inspire you to think about how the Holy Spirit is that interface, how the Son is the living water, and how the Father is the one solid rock to worship.

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