Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Our group of 20 met at the carpark of the Red Beach shops for the first of two short walks. This was a walk of about 750 metres to a stormwater pond where we had a look at several large concretions that had been found at Silverdale during road works there in 1971.

John gave the devotions about the concretions. A concretion is a hard solid mass of matter formed in a softish rock such as mudstone by the growth of a harder mineral cement. They are quite common in some mangrove coastal areas, and in other places such as the Moeraki Boulders at Oamaru. Creation geologists conclude that these were formed from Noahís flood. The mud sediments were rapidly deposited in and second half of the flood, about 4500 years ago, as the floodwaters over the entire earth began to recede. Minerals in the groundwater then precipitated and cemented the boulders. Likewise, fossils were animals and plants trapped in these sediments. Much historical geology taught in universities is based on false beliefs that animals and plants evolved from one another over millions of years whereas the Bible clearly says that God made every animal and plant after its own kind. There was no death in the world till Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the fruit they were told not to. All the wonders of Godís creation display His invisible qualities and eternal power. He loves variety and diversity, and so loved the world that He sent His only Son Jesus Christ so whoever believes in Him shall not perish but live eternally, our earthly death leading to an eternal perfect world of no pain and misery, and constant happiness and joy with heaps of interesting work and leisure awaiting us.

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We returned to the carpark and drove on to the start of our second walk at Rosario Cres. This began with a decent to Amorino Park, and we saw a pillbox sentry post from World War II, one of 118 built around Auckland about 1942 to defend against an invasion from Japan that never eventuated. We continued along the foreshore at low tide, the layers of rock in the cliffs reminding us of what had been shared about sediments laid down in the flood of Noah. A set of steps up the cliff named Jacobs Ladder led us to the Red Beach Holiday Park, and we were asked to put on our smilecovers to walk through this to Marie Ave. From there it was a short walk back to our cars, finishing at 4pm. Some of us went to Nelsonís home nearby afterwards for afternoon tea.

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Distances: first walk 1.5km, second walk 1.9km. Cost: carpooling from Bracken Ave $10