Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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day eleven members walked about 9 kilometres for nearly 4.5 hours in Puhoi.

Led by Carl Yang and Tina Chen, the group started at the end of Remiger around 9:15am. The first part of the walk is on Te Araroa Trail (the 3,000 km trail from the top of North Island to the bottom of South Island), of which we walked through Dunnís Bush (the west side). It was followed by J Tolhopf Road and Ahuroa Road. Then we entered into Dunnís Bush again (the north side). The track went west and joined Te Araroa Trail at the entrance of Dunnís Bush. Following the Te Araroa Trail, we came back to Remiger Road near 2:00pm.

The walk was through farm land, on the sealed/unsealed roads and formed tracks. It was easy on the roads but often muddy and slippery in Dunnís Bush. It was up and down, but the highest altitude was around 200 metres. Dunnís Bush is a native forest that provides good shading above our heads.

While walking on the private farm lands, we enjoyed the beautiful views of the mountains that have been transformed into farms. Years after years farmers produce good dairy products from their farms, but many native forest disappeared. Luckily Val and Arthur Dunn gifted Dunnís Bush to QEII National Trust in 1994. Dunnís Bush is administered by the Department of Conservation and is open to the public.

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