Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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The route we took started at end of Prices Road in Wiri. We went across a gate and headed along the Te Araroa walkway in an easterly direction, walking on the left hand side of the river and then crossed over a bridge. From there we walked 20 minutes this direction, and then turned around when we got to the Wiri commercial area. We walked back the way we came to the gate at the start, before walking along a road through equestrian farmland with horse jumps. There was a stop for afternoon tea at a place with large wooden seating, almost enough seating for the 36 of us.

Tina Chen gave devotions from the Word for Today about being flexible and changing the way you do things if they donít work.

We then walked to the end of the reserve and passed Shrek the sheep and a bull. We looped back and walked back to Prices Road.

We had a lovely afternoon tea at Lynn and Jules Ridingís place afterwards, enjoying cake and drink on the deck, before going home at 5:30pm.
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