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Base map extracted from NZ TopoOnline August 2008. Crown Copyright Reserved

Nine people braved a cold and blustery afternoon to discover some of the historic features of the Ponsonby area. Joy and Steve took us on one of the walks described in David Palmer’s book Walking Historic Auckland.

We set out from the Pt Erin carpark at the bottom of Shelly Beach Rd, walking up to Jervois Rd in rapidly alternating bouts of bright and liquid sunshine. As we continued along Jervois Rd towards Three Lamps we passed two horses in striped pyjamas grazing on a lawn.

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We paused at the former post office, now the Belgian Beer Cafe, where Joy and Steve explained the history of the building dating from about 1912.
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From there we carried on down St Marys Rd, stopping at the Japanese Garden Restaurant which was originally the fire station. This was built in 1902 and was the fire station till 1923.
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Opposite the fire station was the Leys Institute with its baroque styling.
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We went on to the St Marys College to admire the exterior of the lovely old church. Unfortunately we were unable to go inside.
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From there we went through to Selby Square to admire some of the nice old homes.
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We returned to Jervois Rd and did a walk along Islington St, John St and Summer St passing some very nice homes dating back to the 19th century.
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The walk was capped off with a stop at a coffee shop. While we were there a door-to-door collector for a charity called in, and we dug into our change to support her appeal.
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