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This afternoon we had a repeat run of the trip to Pollen Island we had in May last year. The reason for the repeat run was that the weather became showery and blustery, making the experience rather unpleasant with the slogging through deep mud. This time the weather was much kinder, being a hot sunny day.

We set out from Alwyn Ave in Te Atatu South, and walked along the Northwestern Motorway cycleway and under the motorway bridge on to the mudflats. There were two little streams to cross before we came to the remains of a house built by Daniel Pollen, who bought the island in 1855. He later became Premier of New Zealand.
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It was tough going in very sinky mud from there to the shellbanks on the northeastern side of the island - we had to wear gumboots with socks. We walked along the shellbanks to the far end of the island, and returned along the flats on the southwest side.
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Because the tide was already coming in, we held off our devotions break till we were back under the motorway bridge in the shade. John presented 6 points to show that there is a God: (1) He provides water to maintain life on the earth, in the form of rain, snow, clouds and sea (2) He also provides nitrogen, an inert gas making up most of air, which is brought into the soil through lightning to keep plants going; and the ozone layer shielding dangerous cosmic rays from the earth (3) He made the moon which creates the tides to keep the harbours and shores clean, and the tides provide oxygen for the plankton, the foundation of the food chain (4) the earth in the only planet that has a tilt of 23 degrees, allowing the sun's rays to reach the whole world as it circles the sun, and give us the seasons of the year (5) there is an increasing number of scientists who believe the Bible since the discovery of quantum physics (6) the evidence of God as opposed to evidence against Him is infinity to one. These points are based on a series of The Word For Today devotions from October last year. We returned to Alwyn Ave, finishing our walk at 4:30pm.
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