Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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We left at 8:00am from Epsom, and after 2 hours driving we arrived to the car park on Kauraeranga Valley road end. At 10:30am, we started to walk up towards the hut route. We arrived at the hut at 2pm safely, along with a privately-run group of three on a day tramp organised by Gary Thompson. Because of the non-stop rain, we couldnít go to the Pinnacles, a destination for sunset or sunrise.

Pinnacles hut is a beautiful big modern hut with 80 bunks. Kitchen area equips with solar lights, gas fire stoves, plenty of pans, plates, hot  water kettles etc, kitchen utensils.  Extraordinarily the wooden burn fireplace. It made us so warm, even we dried our wet clothes there. We had hot soup as usual for afternoon tea, and steamed buns for dinner.

After dinner, Renee did the devotions for us. She shared her hiking reasons, just a whole year from her joining our club by searching for a Christian hiking club. She honoured a late tramping friend to walk around the beautiful scenery, taking good photos, and she is happy to find herself enjoying hiking around more & more, & her tramping abilities have improved gradually.


As predicted by the forecast, no sunrise, it rained all night, we didnít go to the Pinnacles. We had scroggin & spiced corned eggs as breakfast, then we left the hut at 8:30am to go back. All the way down, the rain got heavy, the rivers rose high, we carefully moved our feet steadily, most steps are stone-made, a little slippery but still safe if we used hiking poles to help us standing steady. We arrived at our car park at 11:30pm (3hours walk).

We found the rain stopped & blue sky came when we just came to the end of track. How funny! Even more sunny sky came when we drove back to Auckland.

Cost: $8.5 for food, $2.5 for club levy, $18 for travel.  
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