Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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This adventure started from Bracken Avenue at 7.30am for five hearty trampers while one was picked up at the Drury BP station. Two vehicles travelled down. Some of the walkers doing the overnight camping Moss Creek walk were in one of the vehicles. The initial meeting point was the Kauaeranga Valley DOC Visitor Information Centre where another one of our walkers had come from Tauranga to join us. We got there about 10.15am hut pass tickets were picked up and then travelled to the road end car park ready to start walking about 10.30am.

This trip was very interesting as it involved three other different walking Groups. Four trampers doing Moss Creek camping overnight. Five day walkers, two doing the Pinnacles and three walking to the Hydro Camp returning via the Billy Goat Track to the car park.

The Saturday weather was kind as we walked up the historic packhorse route up to the old hydro campsite. This track was used during the 1920’s by the kauri Bushmen. We got to this site by about 12.30pm having devotional thoughts about the PINNACLES and a lovely lunch.

Some of the thoughts to consider:
Pinnacle means NATURAL PEAK, CLIMAX it is a high point the Pinnacles 759m offers excellent views. When we look at the word PINNACLES the letters can be broken down:
P; Powerful, Positive, Purposeful, Preparation I; Inspirational, Invigorating N; New, nourishment, negotiate N; New, Next A; Attitude, Altitude, Action, Achievement C; Climbing, Character, Creative, Crown ;L Longitude, Latitude, E; Elevated, Effort, Energy, Explore, Experience, Environment S; Spatial, Spiritual, Spontaneous, Scenic, Solutions. Let us experience PINNACLES moments everyday it could be in working,
walking whatever?

The experience of the PINNACLES provides tremendous views of the Coromandel environment a magnificent scene of God’s creation.

Comments were made about the history of the area as Peter Osborne made reference to John Collins the founder of the club as this area was where the club did its first walks and a book showing logging stories.

Three day walkers left the group going via the Billy Goat Track.

From the Hydro Camp to the Pinnacles Hut we took about an hour stopping having spectacular views of the Tairua River to the east and the jagged volcanic landforms of Tauranikau and the Pinnacles ahead.

We got to the hut to claim bunks before the trampers rush as the hut was fully booked that is 80 trampers seeking a bed. Getting their early was a bonus getting good bunks grouped together then having a cuppa before climbing the Pinnacles. The track to the Pinnacles has been totally upgraded with steps being a breeze to the hearty seven who enjoyed the treasures of a great view and Whittakers Macadamia Chocolate as an achievers award.

From here we came down visited the Dancing Camp Dam then sat down and enjoyed a lavishing chicken casserole followed by a custard pie dessert finishing the evening with cards and a quiz enjoyed by all to test our mental agility.


From a good nights rest we had an energy packed porridge breakfast at 7.00am leaving about 8.00am to the Hydro Camp. The weather was threatening but we experienced only light showers. We got to the Hydro Camp at about 9.00am then turning off to the Billy Goat Basin. At the saddle we got excellent view of the Kauaeranga Valley to the Hauraki Plains. Here we had some Tararua Biscuits very nice.

The weather started to improve as we dropped down into Billy Goat Basin crossing the Billy Goat Stream and to our surprise a new bridge has been put in with some minor modifications to the track. An excellent wooden bridge. We went down a 50 metre side track to get a view of a collapsed long Trestle Bridge. It was 160 meters long 11 meters above the ground.

Near the hauler site at the top of the incline good views of the Billy Goat Falls were seen 180 meters.

At 11.30am we made contact with the Moss Creek trampers via radio to ensure all were safe and to have an estimated meeting time at the car park.

We stopped at the Billy Goat Incline having lunch in the sun and enjoying a few thoughts: Fortune lost, nothing lost, courage lost, much lost, honour lost, most lost, soul lost all lost and Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first time or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory. Scriptures for Strength and Energy Wait on the Lord be of good courage and God shall strengthen your heart, wait I say on the Lord and Be still and know that I am God. Be still is to RELAX, degree of relaxation scales and action scales.

From this spot we descended down crossing a wire bridge over the Kauaeranga River reaching the Tarawaere car park then walking a short distance to the car park at the end of the road to meet the Moss Creek team. We arrived at the car park at 12.45pm packed up and headed back to Auckland reaching Bracken Avenue about 4pm.

COST: $49 ($19 for travel, $15 for the hut, $8.70 for food, $5 for equip’ levy and $1.30 for planning)