Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Our group of 17 met at Glen Esk Rd, Piha at 9.00am.  It was a brisk morning with fine weather and sunshine throughout the day.  We took the Kitekite track to the waterfall where we had our group photo.

We proceeded up the Connect track.  Hua and Esther tried a steep short-cut bit found it blocked off so joined the rest of us on the regular track. A morning tea stop at the top of the falls provided time for Hua and Barbara to check out the alternative track across the stream.  No sign was found near the falls, so we proceeded on the Connect and Winstone tracks to the Home track junction.  

Being only 11.30am, we decided our tramp would be too short if we took the Home Track back to the cars, so we proceeded along to the Centennial track junction, and descended the steep steps downwards to the Forbes track.  At the stream crossing, we had to hunt for the continuation of the track on the other side, but soon came to a confirming signpost.  From here it was a steep muddy climb up to the ridge, and a distance along the ridge, and more climbing before we reached the Quarry Track junction and the MacKenzie track junction.  

We had our lunch before reaching this spot, but when we found the open grassy area, we sat and soaked up the sunshine, while Barbara shared devotions about Trees. Firstly, Poetic verses from Isaiah and Psalms – trees sing for joy and clap their hands.  Then Psalm 1 about how our lives, founded and fed by God’s Word, can be like a tree planted by the streams, withstanding storms and their leaf does not wither.  Finally reflecting on Jesus the one who ‘died on a tree’ to forgive us and have a relationship with us.

We descended the MacKenzie track, much less tricky than the Forbes track, and ended with 20 min along the Piha Valley track back to the cars.
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