Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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20 strong and experienced trampers of the club, led by Hua and Sophie, did the planned Marawhara-Anawhata-Rose Track-Whites Track-Te Waha Point-Laird Thompson track loop walk in two hours including an add-on to Whites beach. We started at 9:15am, walked along Marawhara track, the previous Nikau Grove to cross the now widened creek due to the rain. Then went on climbing some 300 stairs. The track was beautifully dry and clean. At the top of the climbing, we veered left through the newly added boots-cleaning station to go on to have morning tea on Rose Track. Some of us did a quick descent to Whites Beach and return to form the group again. We retreated from Rose Track to Whites Track all the way to finish before 12noon at Te Waha point. Walkers didnít feel they had done enough walk for the beautiful day, so we added another loop at South Piha beach: some parked their cars at the planned South Piha carparks and some by the prize-winning Eel Bridge to walk across to meet the South Piha carpark crew and joined them for lunch on the dune. After lunch, we heard Ruthís devotions on Psalm 23 and reflected on the divine provision of all we need even including what we may desire. A strong team of 18 including the two leaders Hua and Sophie walked up to Tasman lookout. They still wanted to do more! So we went along the track to the back to watch the wave-crashing Gap! Then carried on walking to descend to the beach to the blow hole then back to South Piha dune then to our cars, another loop. So we did two loops on both ends of Piha beach.

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The sun was shining on us the whole time. Thank you to the members for your enthusiasm and your willingness to keep on walking. We have exceeded our original plan on the program and kept walking on.

COST: carpooling from The Bracken $12