Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Only three people signed up with the leaders for this trip as this is considered to be a very challenging trip. It is a nice tramp yet slow when rock hopping the valley and wading through the stream. The others enjoyed the trip and this was only Erynís second tramp in NZ so was a little challenge.

The weather was great, but you really noticed the how quickly it cooled off once 4.00pm came around in the valley. The tramp took 3.5 hours from Buck Taylor carpark, where we set off at 1:30pm, with a Ĺ hour afternoon tea stop at the shelter at the head of the valley.

Most of the tramp can be done by skirting the river if you want to keep your boots dry but it is easier and safer to wade the stream in places as the track along the side is not a true formed one.
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