Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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34 people braved a cold and windy afternoon to walk the new Rotary Walkway from Pakuranga to Panmure Basin and return. We met in the carpark of Pakuranga Plaza at 2pm, and after the usual intros and karakia we set off, crossing Pakuranga Rd on to the Rotary Walkway. This went through a reserve to come out along the shores of Tamaki River.
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Half an hour later we came to the Panmure Bridge, and after crossing it we began our clockwise walk around Panmure Basin. Some of the kids had a quick play on playground equipment alongside the track. We came to the Panmure Miniature Railway and saw a couple of trains running on their tracks.
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We had our break at 3pm on the west side of the basin. Barbara reminded us about the ABTC photo competition she was in charge of, before giving a brief devotions. Observing the movement of the tides each day, she said that the tides and seasons were ordered by God as part of His creation, and the same applies to the seasons we have in our lives.

As we carried on, the kids again had a very quick play on equipment alongside the track. Hunter and his grandson Gabriel walked down to and along the little beach on the north side of the lagoon.
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Once back at Panmure Bridge we returned along the Rotary Walkway to finish back at Pakuranga Plaza at 4:15pm after a lovely afternoon forgetting the cold and wind of the day.