Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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23 people walked the Orakei basin. It was a lovely sunny spring day.

We met at the Orakei train station and after introducing ourselves, we walked over the rail line via the stairs to the track on the western side. The newly wide board-walk had walkers, runners, bicycles, skate boarders, dog walkers, push chairs, and children of all ages using it. Our group had one member using his skate board this time. One of our members saw a fish.Through the bush and onto the bridge we observed a shag colony drying themselves on branches of fallen trees, while others were diving for their feed of the day.

Soon we came to Orakei club house, which houses skiing, kayaking, kite surfing, etc equipment. We had our devotions here. We split into groups of four or five people and shared something of concern or happiness over the last week.

Walking along the still wide foot path on the south and western side of the Basin to the boat ramps where a chap on a jet ski asked we where the large group who sat at the chub house for a while. We answered "Yes". One member of our groups wallet had fallen out of their bag and he used the jet ski to return it to us at the boat ramp.

Twenty more minutes we were through the bush and back to the overhead rail foot bridge, where some went to their cars, while others were off to have coffee at Kings Plant barn.
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