Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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At  2pm 8 people met at the beginning of the track. A nice sunny day with a cooling breeze, we walked to the Corban Arts Centre, with many attractions along the way.

We sat at a bench for a snack and for devotions we were invited to share something nice we had done in the week before. These included - sharing a great lunch with old friends all coming to Central Auckland by the great public transports; the intermediate school children were very interesting topics including going to a wedding the day before, a beach farewell for a mate going overseas to live, and doing animated characters on a computer; being able to resolve a small problem for someone else.

After walking in and around the Old St Michaelís Church, we were back on the track. The timing was 1 hour there and back, with an hour looking in and around the Corban Estate. Three hours in total.
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