Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Covid-19 level 2.5 restrictions did not allow for gatherings of more than 10 people, so we had to split up into two groups, doing the same route but starting 15 minutes apart with no meetup during the trip. The first group led by Mark set out from Denby Lane at Stafford Park at 2pm, and Geoff Tremain led the second group leaving at 2:15pm.

We went through an alleyway to Nelson Ave, then along to and through the Sulphur Point walkway tunnel under the Northern Motorway. This continued along the east side of the motorway then gave way to sand and rocks at low tide as we went underneath the approach to the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Back on to pavement as we went up to the northern end of the coathanger, and we were able to have a good look at the underside of the bridge to the music of traffic driving overhead in both directions. We then carried on dropping down to The Wharf, originally Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant, now a venue for functions such as wedding receptions. From there we went along Queen St as far as the historic Northcote Tavern, and dropped down a steep driveway and steps to the southern end of Little Shoal Bay, and had our afternoon tea break at a picnic table. Afterwards we carried on along Queen St  and Alfred St and finished our walk at the start point at 3:10pm.

Distance 3.4km, maximum speed 7.5km/h, average speed including breaks 3km/h.
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