Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Ten trampers from Auckland met up with me and we drove to the Neavesville valley road. We parked at the property of a very hospitable family at the track start. Also, two tramping friends of Ann, one of the leaders, met us there, one was brought up in the area. He had to milk cows and attend to sheep before going to school! He said the name Neavesville was the name of the village high in the hills and now given to the whole area.

We walked up the wide track which was wet and slippery in places. The weather was dull and showery at times. We stopped for morning tea as the steepish terrain levelled a bit. We observed the power lines going over the peninsula and the entrance to a track going overland to the Kopu-Hikuai road summit. After nearly three hours we reached the mill site where kauri logging was carried out. There are also gold mining battery sites in the area hidden in the undergrowth. In the 80's and 90's fallen kauri logs were extracted and milled by the Smith brothers and others. Now the place is abandoned. There is still the shacks there that were basic accommodation. Very convenient for our lunch stop in the rain!

Here Paul gave a devotional presentation from Ecclesiastes chapter three about the seasons. There is a season for everything, everything has it's season. We looked around the old mill site, we saw the grave with the picket fence around, of Minnie Collins who was a school teacher at the school up here in the hills so long ago and apparently died of an infectious disease. Then we made our way back down the track. It was quite a long day and everyone was tired. Annís friend Michael went on ahead near the end and brought his wagon up to take a lady down the last few hundred metres who appreciated the assistance. At the cars we re grouped and agreed we had had a good day and we went on our way home.