Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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The group met in sunshine, 2pm at the Mt Wellington road entrance (in Mountain Rd) for welcome and introductions.  Barbara led the group along to the tramp entrance off the corner of Mountain Rd, up the steps and through the gate.  A mown path led the way to a junction where most of the group took the steep climb up the mountainside with Murray and Cathie, while Barbara led a small group on the easier route to the road to ascend to the carpark.

Both groups meeting at the car park, children were keen to eat some snacks before taking the steps up the formed path to the trig, led by Murray.  While enjoying the views, photos recorded the trig visit. Descending down the other west side around the crater, we assembled again at the car park.  A big open field provided plenty of room for games.

Firstly, Barbara shared our appreciation for Godís creation and the wonderful locations we have in Auckland, volcanoes to climb and beautiful harbour views on both sides of the city, quoting Psalm 24:1-2  The earth is the Lordís.

The first team game was a clothes-line activity, throw the dice and for the correct score, then hang an item on the clothes-line. This was the same game that Laurie King led on the trip to Muriwai the previous weekend. There was great competition between teams! Next, pairs of children were introduced to a three-legged walk across the field, and some raced across.  Then using a Rattan Ball from Malaysia, teams tried to keep it aloft, with almost any part of their body making contact (palms not allowed).  Despite the strong cool wind blowing, these games were a lot of fun.

It was great to have a good number of family members enjoying this tramp.  We exited down the main road to the car park around 3.45pm.
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