Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Thursday night, Friday

After arriving from Auckland at about 11pm on the 24th April the group comprised 11 day walkers lead by Alistair Nichol.

On the Friday morning the day walkers and overnighters were transported to the start of the Rerekapa Track on Kiwi Road. At about 10am the walk began taking about 1 hour to get to the Boys Brigade Hut crossing one saddle then another hour to Rerekapa falls to have lunch. From here the overnighters carried on while the day walkers turned round and came back to the vehicles to travel back to Pohutukawa house.

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With the weather being fine later in the afternoon a number did a 1hour walk to the coast the Tasman sea and saw Elephant Rock and the Three Sisters while collecting free range mushrooms for  the Sunday morning breakfast.
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Due to the spectacular coastal scenery an early morning coastal walk at 6.30am would help us to have a hearty appetite.

After breakfast the daywalkers travelled to Moki Road to start the track which goes through the Makino Conservation Area following the south bank of the upper Waitara River. The track included walking through a tunnel and getting to the suspension bridge around 2 pm where the overnighters were met. First aid assistance was provided to a mountain biker by Gary and Rima who appreciated the assistance.

As a joint group we got to the vehicles at 3.30pm returning back to Pohutukawa house. Some climbed a trig close by to the house to enjoy a 360 degree view while others went on the coastal walk. We had a great combined tea involving mushrooms.


Some of us went on the coastal walk to come back at 8.30am to the Shackleton’s finale breakfast bacon, eggs and mushrooms a treat to then relax and enjoy a medley of songs and a devotion from Philip D on Guidance, God U and I based on Psalm 119. From here we travelled back to Auckland about 4 hours. Everybody enjoyed a great trip in a new area