Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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14 people meet at Long Run Road, Piha on a fine sunny afternoon to venture to a little beach which is between Karekare and Piha. To get to the beach and cave you have scramble down the cliffs as there is no official track. We had to use ropes over and past the difficult sections.
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Once on the beach some who didnít mind getting a little wet ventured into the cave which is only accessible at low tide. These caves lead to another section of caves which has a large opening venting to the bush above very spectacular.
Some collected mussels of the rocks as this part of the coast has yet to be plundered by others.
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We had a short gathering on the beach before ascending to the top. Emergency repairs were carried out on Phillipís boot which came apart on the descent which is a lot easier than the down ward track saw us getting back to the car park at around 5.00pm. A challenging short trip so close Auckland.

COST:  $4 from Henderson, $5 from The Bracken