Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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16 people enjoyed a lovely late summer's day walking the new cycleway from Matakana to Omaha. After leaving vehicles at Omaha, we set out on our tramp at 10:25am. The track was level to begin with before climbing up to Takatu Rd with views looking down to the Omaha peninsula. We followed the road a short way before leaving it to drop down through more farmland to Jones Rd. From there we went along to road to Omaha Flats Rd. Our original intention was to go on to Omaha and do a walk through some coastal reserves, but some of the group wanted to go through to Point Wells. We changed our minds to do so, going along a track through more farm land then alongside Point Wells Rd to a delightful lunch spot on the tip of the peninsula, arriving soon after midday.
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John presented devotions about the body and the blood. As we take communion in church, we take the bread first, symbolising Christ's body which he sacrificed on the cross, then the wine or grapejuice representing His blood shed for us. We believers are Christ's body on earth, ready to receive His blood. Blood is the one element that reaches every part of the body, carrying life, energy, nourishment, cleansing and healing. We need the life-giving blood of Jesus every day to cleanse, protect and sustain us. Every blessing we have from God our heavenly dad comes through the blood. Likewise as we function as a Christian tramping club, Christ's blood gives us the enjoyment of worship through hiking, chatting, admiring the awesome creation, and being inspired by the devotions we have on our trips. This blood also helps us to reach out to nonbelievers in a low-key manner backed with the power of prayer. Thoughts to ponder over as we take communion.

We went along the foreshore reserve before going back onto the road for an icecream stop at the local store. Our return walk to Omaha Flats Rd began at 1:15pm, passing many fancy letterboxes on the way. We carried on to Omaha finishing our walk at 2:30pm, and we enjoyed cooling off in the surf and relaxing over coffee before leaving for home about 4pm, bringing an enjoyable day to a conclusion.  
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Distance 12km, average speed including breaks 2.8km/h.
COST: travel from The Bracken $15