Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Seven of the club members joined to walk around the coast to The Mahurangi Regional Park . The park is on the tip of the peninsula starting from Martins Bay out from Warkworth.

The trip is mainly to the park although some serious rock hopping is required for a small part.. A stop at Big Bay allowed for a swim and lunch in a nice setting on the deck of a park's bach which you can rent, a nice place to chill out.

After a short walk to the campsite at Lagoon Bay on the opposite coastline, we set up camp for the night only metres from the lapping sound of waves as the tide edged its way in. Christine and Ian had arranged the food and menu with Ian coming to the rescue by bringing his own cooker. Ian did a wonderful job as chief sous chef. One issue we discovered on reaching the camps was that the potable water source was rubbish.  Two things to remember  for next time: Firstly long dry summer means NO water; Secondly, carry a means of carrying water some distance ie a water bladder as trying to carry water in pot ˝km from another source is not easy.

After a good meal and dessert with Carl taking over dish-washing duties in the sea, we all  watched the sun slowly sink behind the distant hills before hitting the sack to the sounds of the night. Very pleasant.

We rose and had a easy and well concocted ABTC helping of porridge. There are so many ways to cook oats that someone should write a tramper's guide to cooking them. After packing up we returned to Big Bay via other tracks with views of the Mahurangi Harbour. As the tide was a little lower on the return trip we able avoid the rock hopping in part.

We returned to the cars, cleaned up and enjoyed a nice lunch at a local cafe at Snells beach called Chairs.
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