Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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15 people had a wonderful time on the Manukau Peninsula on a sunny but very windy day. Our first port of call was the main walk of the day, Awhitu Regional Park. From the carpark we set out along the beach to the Brook Homestead, and had a look at this historic homestead. The main house was locked, and the rooms were bare. We continued along Brook Beach to the Settlers Track and up through the paddocks to the lookout for panoramic views all around. From there we returned along the Settlers Valley Walk and did a walk around a large pond where we saw a whole group of eels in one place.
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We finished our walk at 12:30pm and drove to the Manukau Heads lighthouse, where we were able to climb to the top for extensive views of the Manukau Harbour and the Waitakere Ranges with Auckland city in the distance.  The picnic tables below the lighthouse made for a good lunch stop. Barbara Steel spoke of imagining being on a ship coming into the harbour on a windy night with the dangerous bar to negotiate, and watching the lighthouse for guidance. The light from the lighthouse shines bright, and that is to warn the ships and to steer them into the right way to get them to the harbour and to safety. This is a bit like Jesus, who came as the light of the world. His light overcomes the darkness, just like the lighthouse. It reveals to us who we really are, our real selves and we are in need of a Saviour. And so when we walk, we follow Jesus the true light and He will help to steer us the right way so that you don't fall into temptation, and he lights the path ahead of us. We sang Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet.

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After walking up a paddock to have a look at some new Maori carvings, we drove on to Hamiltons Gap. Our intention was to walk up the sand dunes, but there was a strong wind blowing in shore, and we had to do with just a walk out to the rocky coastline.
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Our final stop was at the Pollok Arts Gallery where we browsed a sculpture garden and many artworks and crafts inside. We returned to Auckland, getting into The Bracken soon after 4:30pm.
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COST: travel from The Bracken $20
DISTANCE (Awhitu Regional Park walk)  4.3km, maximum speed 6km/h, average speed including breaks 1.8km/h