Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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We met at Onehunga and split into two groups.  The Blockhouse Bay group (17 walkers) took the the cars of the Onehunga walkers (12) to Blockhouse bay where they started about about 9.10am.  We wended our way through the bush tracks to Lewis Street and the along Donovan Street to Frances Curtis Avenue where we descended to the beach and crossed the beach along to Lynfield Cove. We followed the Coastal Track through to Halsey Drive and entered the Manukau Domain. We then climbed up to Sylvania Crescent and re-entered the Wattle Bay Reserve till we reached the site of the old baches where we met the other group and had lunch.

David and Marian presented devotions about Refreshing Rain. God says in the Book of Psalms May the reign of this son of mine be as gentle and fruitful as the springtime rains upon the grass - like showers that water the earth!Ö  He sends rain upon the mountains and fills the earth with fruit. Somehow the bush always seems special after rain, sort of clean, sweet smelling, refreshing. God has just decided to water His earth - to give it a shower because He knows it needs it.  Heís giving His plants a long, cool drink, His trees a dusting off, and His creatures big and small a good bath. These verses contain two words that rhyme: reign and rain. Reigning King David looks past his own sons to the Messiah son, Jesus Christ. The springtime rains bringing growth to all His creation are likened to Christís reign over the earth. He came to the just and the unjust. Just as we scurry for cover or rummage for a raincoat when caught in the rain, God wants to swoop us into His loving arms and say, Come inside, here to abide with Me. Rain is a shower of blessing, too wonderful to comprehend. Let the rain remind us that God is good. Heís telling us that we, too, need refreshing. Our refreshment comes from stopping often to talk with Him. Tell Him your problems,  be still and let Him talk to you. It will be a spiritual shower from God to make you feel refreshed and like new. Like plants, we will be enabled to bear fruit for Him. Ask yourself: When was the last time I took a good spiritual shower?  How truly clean and fresh do I want to be - inside? Do I give a sweet savour to others?  Do my words bring showers of blessing to others?

We then proceeded up to Cape Horn Road and descended the 300 steps to Waikowhai Bay and followed the concrete path to the playground and toilets. Through the bush we went and arrived at Wesley Bay and through the bush and up to Aldersgate Road. Passing through the Hillsborough Cemetery we went down to Hills borough Bay and along Frederick Street, Seacliffe Avenue, across the motorway bridge, around the lagoon and back to our cars.

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