Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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21 ABTC trampers started form Mangere Domain car park at 9:30 am, climbed 107M height  the ancient volcanoes of Mangere Mountain, from there we found lots of landmarks of Auckland. We went down the mountain after taking team photos. We started the Watercare coastal walkway following Mangere lagoon path walking along beach to Puketutu island road. We had our morning tea there. Then we passed some of the wastewater treatment facilities arrived the north end of the island. We walked back to south of the island and sited on the beach opposite the Ihumatao Otuataua Stonefields having our lunch.

After lunch, Mark did the devotions. He used his recent drawings and paintings to make the point that we all need to relearn to observe what we are really observing. For example not just a mountain but how big is it, how many high points are there, where are the curves and what relationship do they have to each other. As disciples of Christ we need to observe what the Word of God really says, and not merely listen to what we think it says. Jesus said teach his disciples to observe whatsoever he has commanded us. Matthew 28:20. We are also to observe those around us who truly follow Christ and follow their example. Philippians 3:17.

We continued to follow Watercare coastal walkway passt the bird roost till we reached Mark Ford Drive, from there we entered Greenwood Road Park, which is good for dog playing, to Creamery Rd. We got back to the car park around 2:30pm by passing Mountain Rd, Putini Rd and around lower path of mountain.
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DISTANCE 14.9km, around 5 hours
COST: travel from The Bracken $2