Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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31 people turned up for the walk. Kim suggested that we think of a food by using the first letter of our names to introduce ourselves. She started with Kiwifruit Kim and went round the circle. There were a few laughs when some were more creative by thinking of food such as Royal-gala Raj, Jelly-bean Judah, etc. After welcome, briefing and prayers we set off at 2pm towards Shelly Park beach.

Kim led the walk down some farmland, with Christine as tail end Charlie. We came down to the native bush and walked on the some flat tracks before going up and climbing some steps to a phenomenal breathtaking view of the creek and surrounding. We took a little rest to catch our breath. One of the trampers were impressed with labels and descriptions of the native trees along the track. We continued our walk down the track, some broadway and looked in the estuary to see if there were any fish.

We reached Shelly Beach boat club at 3:10pm and stopped for afternoon tea. Christine shared from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. She spoke from her heart and encouraged us with 3 points which were 1. GIVE THANKS in all circumstances. 2. BE JOYFUL and 3. PRAY continually.

It was getting cold with the winds coming and we decided to back track. Most of us finished up about 4pm at the car park and drove away. There were many positive feedback, especially the magnificent, beautiful scenic views, variety of terrains (open areas, bush, mangroves and beach) interesting houses along the track by Shelly beach and the well set track. Most of them said they would like to return.
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