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Base map extracted from NZ TopoOnline May 2006. Crown Copyright Reserved.

A sunny day brought out 28 people to walk a trip that has always been a popular Club tramp, the easy Mangawhai Cliffs Walk north of Mangawhai on lower Northlandís east coast. People met at The Bracken at 8am, North Shore people met at the Mobil station on Oteha Valley Rd in Albany, and several went straight to the Mangawhai surf club to be there at 10am, the journey from Auckland taking about two hours.

We were away by 10:30am, with a walk along to the ocean beach. As the tide was on its way in we had no choice but to follow the clifftops route to the end and return the same way.

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From the beach a well-formed track with wooden steps climbed up through pasture to the hilltops overlooking the  coastline, then continued northwards. We had terrific views down to the beaches and rocks below, almost like flying over in an aeroplane.
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Reconstruction of the walkway was far from complete, and we had to follow a gravel farm road as the next section of the track was closed.
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Where the track left the road further on before dropping down we stopped for elevenses. Peter shared some practical thoughts based on Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. When we calm down and be still we gather our energy for the tasks ahead. We need to have rest, a time of real relaxation in contrast to our intense action on our tasks. We need to find and practise mental activities that are enjoyable; having a variety is stimulating. A spiritual relaxation leads to a deeper appreciation of God, His help to us and His creation. We need to be quiet and listen to His small voice. A relaxed attitude lengthens a man's life (Proverbs 14:30) - attitude helps the output of energy; quietness + confidence = strength. Peter commented that the tramp we were doing allowed us to rest and enjoy environmental quietness and soak in the beauty of Mangawhai, thus helping us to appreciate a Greater Creator.
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The track dropped down to the rocky coastline. It was also in the process of being done up, so there were one or two muddy patches and uncompleted wooden stairs. The rocky cove made an excellent amphitheatre setting for our lunch break.
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Dave decided to test the water.
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At the far end of the bay was a shag colony; the birds were sitting in the branches oblivious to the human presence nearby.
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We returned the way we came, climbing up to the clifftops and following the road, track and beach back to the carpark. We were out about 2:30pm.
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Did we see some snow at the finish?
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Our cafe stop before our journey home was at a latte clinic and bar in Wood St, the shopping centre of Mangawhai Heads.
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We were back in Auckland about 5:30pm, finishing a lovely day enjoyed by all. Four of the group - Carole, Lynley, Linda and Peter - went on to Dargaville overnight to see the kiwis in Trounson Kauri Park.

COST: $21