Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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The Mangawhai Cliffs Walkway offers spectacular, uninterrupted views of the east coast from Bream Head in the north, down to the Tawharanui Peninsula in the south, and out to the Hen and Chickens and Sail rock.

After leaving Bracken Ave at 8:00 am, we met in the car park beside the Mangawhai Surf Club at 9:30 am. Once introductions were over, we wandered along the beach, avoiding the occasional blue jelly fish (well most of us - ouch!) until we came to the start of the well-formed track.  The track rises steeply to the top of the cliff and then meanders along the cliff top through stands of nikau palm, pohutukawa trees, and shady pockets of bush. We stopped for morning tea on a welcoming patch of long green grass, before completing the final part of the cliff walk and the descent that brought us to the rocky shore. The DOC web site cautions that if water is surging through the huge rock archway not to begin the return walk along the beach, so we ate our lunch, chatted and listened to a reflection until the arch was clear of water. Barbara also informed us about the exciting tramps that were coming up in summer 2018/2019. On this hot, early autumn lunchtime, Ian’s umbrella was the envy of many. Kim – I think you have started something here!

Our reflection (given by Monique and Colin) included a reading from James 2 that we were to be "doers". Our faith must be practical and show the love for God that is in our heart. Just like tramping, we can read all about a tramp and carefully plan it, but it is not until we are stepping out and walking that the real joy (and hardships) are felt. So it is with our faith in God.

The return journey involved careful navigation of the rocks and tide, until we reached the sandy beach and the easy walk back to the surf club car park. We stopped at Dunes café to refresh ourselves with a beverage of our choice (coffee, latte, smoothie, mocha) before heading back to Auckland and life in the city, and the evening’s rugby.  

COST: Travel from Bracken Ave $20  
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