Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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About 35 people showed up for a magic carpet ride visiting four countries without the need for passports or having to go through covid sealed-up borders. We enjoyed four presentations, with supper break halfway through:

Phillip Donnell - West Coast Trail at Vancouver Island, Canada, 2-10 July 2019. This was a challenging 8-day pack-carry with camping and no huts. Possible hazards include wild animals, rips, currents, deep mud, fallen trees, over 100 ladders, boardwalks and bridges many in unsafe rotting condition.
Murray and Cathie Black - Exploring Egypt, October 2019. A 14-day tour by bus, train, riverboat and plane taking in places of interest including the Pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo, Alexandris on the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile River, the desert and the Red Sea.
Barbara Steel - Vietnam and Cambodia, October 2019. This included The Old Quarter, Halong Bay world heritage site, Saigon, Phnom Penh, and Angkor Wat.
Barbara Langridge - Nepal, October 2019. The Sahodar Teahouse Trek. The group set out assembling and carrying water filters to one of the native villages during a 5 day 51km trek, eating and sleeping in believers‘ homes.
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