Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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30 people had an interesting Magic Carpet evening at Remuera Baptist Church. Ted Owens took us around Iceland, a country of mountains and snow. He showed slides of birds he saw there. In the middle of the year during the summer daylight remains for 24 hours each day, and when Ted went on an early morning bird watching trip all the group he was in had to wear four layers of clothing against the cold. Iceland is famous for its waterfalls, lava and hot springs.

We visited the O'Reilly's bush retreat in Canugra, two hours drive southwest of Gold Coast with Murray Black. He showed a video of a walk through the Lamington National Park. Being inland it was much cooler than the Gold Coast, and on an early morning walk the group wore jackets and long trousers. Murray and Cathie went on several guided walks during their time there.

Christine Marshall led us across the USA seeing some of the many sights including rock formations and countryside. They went to Washington but didnít get to see Donald Trump.

Paul Ungemuth took us to Samoa where he and Ruth worked on a Habitat for Humanity house last August. They will be leading another trip there this August 2018, and are already taking bookings.

A yummy pot-luck supper followed.
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