Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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About 35 people forewent the rugby and showed up at Remuera Baptist Church for a magic carpet evening taking in Scotland, England, Alaska, Canada, the US and Samoa.

We began at 7pm with our first three trips. Beulah Wood took us along the St Cuthberts Way in Scotland which she had done with her sister Lois. She had spent six days walking the Scottish border finishing in England, going through rolling green farm country and seeing old churches, castles and much more. Paul Ungemuth took us on a bike ride through the Cotswolds in England, visiting an aviation museum and taking a boat ride along a canal complete with locks. Barbara Langridge took us north to Alaska bound for rushers’ own, retracing the footsteps of a trip she did last year with a group including Joy Whitehead, Peter York, David and Jill Walker, and Sonia Dryden. We did a cruise into the icy waters, glaciers and mountains of this northern part of America.

After a break for supper, we continued with Barbara’s group on to Canada to visit Vancouver and Banff and Jasper National Parks. Ian and Christine Marshall took over, taking us through national parks in six states of the USA. We were treated to God’s awesome creation in the form of mountain scenery, canyons, caves, red desert land, and huge rocky outcrops. Paul took us to Samoa to see a Habitat For Humanity gang comprising Club members including Annette Handley, Murray and Cathie Black, Barbara, Ruth and Rebecca working on constructing some buildings.
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